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We thank our community
for all the support!

March 28, 2020: The cranes are outside in the elements and releasing their prayers and blessings.


We are so grateful to have completed 5 years in 2019.

As part of honoring this milestone we made a senbazuru—1,000 origami paper cranes. Drawing inspiration from the beautiful Japanese tradition of making 1,000 paper cranes to make a wish or to celebrate special occasions, we created our version of this practice.

Our thanks to our community for participating in the making of our senbazuru.
The cranes were on display at Quick Wok temporarily. In early spring 2020 we will move them to an outdoor venue. As they disintegrate in the elements, they will symbolically release any intentions, dedications and prayers that were written in or held when they were created.


Children and adults were welcome to participate and contribute one or more paper cranes as many times as they wanted. We offered small gestures of appreciation for the contributions. We were happy to pass out paper cranes to take home to little Quick Wok guests and offered many origami crane folding tutorials to our guests.

We completed 1,000 origami cranes on January 28, 2020—more than 70% of the cranes were created and contributed by our community.

We are grateful for each crane that was added to our senbazuru. We were delighted to discover that some in our community enjoyed making origami cranes and have woven origami in some way into their lives. We know of at least one family who is making their own senbazuru. We also had the privilege of sharing origami paper crane making with local students; we extend our thanks to a 5th grade parent at MOE for making this possible.


On the plain colored side (which would be inside the crane and not visible once the crane has been folded) optionally pencil in your name. And if you feel so moved dedicate it by holding an intention when you make the crane or write on the plain side someone or something that is dear to you at this time.
For example, you could dedicate it to the well-being of our planet, country, our area, a cause that is precious to you, a loved one, yourself, a specific area or community that is currently experiencing war, wildfires, hurricanes, typhoons or earthquakes. We have also used the space to express gratitude for something or someone.


The origami paper has a printed and a plain-colored side.
We used beautiful and affordable bulk origami paper made by Tuttle Publishing for our senbazuru.


1 Crane Revised March 2020.jpg
2 Crane Revised March 2020.jpg
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