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Frequently Asked Questions

Do your hours change? (Yes, seasonal hours)

Similar to many businesses in Lake Chelan, we observe seasonal hours. Our hours and any unanticipated changes to our schedule (emergencies or weather related) are posted on Facebook and at QuickWokChelan.com. Typically, we have summer hours and one or more changes for off-season hours.

Do you accept Credit Cards? (Yes)

Yes, in addition to cash we accept Credit cards and we can run debit cards as Credit cards.

Do you have Gluten-free and other special diet options? (Yes - click for additional details)

We accomodate folks with special dietary needs every day including wokked meals that are vegan, vegetarian, no noodles/rice (no starch), no added sugar, no added oil, no soy, GF (gluten free), no egg, no dairy, no peanut oil, no seafood etc.

Some examples - please check with us when you visit:

  • Vegan - all our sauces are vegan tell us "VEGAN - no egg" when you order and select any of the extras aside from the egg rolls, meat and shrimp options on the menu.
  • Honey - Sesame sticks and sesame candy that we serve contain honey.
  • Peanut - We serve peanuts, cashews (roasted in peanut oil), peanut sauce and use peanut oil as the cooking oil (substitution available for wokking). Tell us "Peanut allergy" when ordering.
  • Pineapple - Pineapple is available as an extra and it is also an ingredient in our Sweet & Sour sauce and in a drink we serve (Jamu). Please discuss the sensitivity/allergy with our staff.
  • Shrimp - please let us know if you have a seafood or shrimp allergy. Shrimp is the only seafood we currently carry and our sauces are vegan (no fish sauce). Tell us "Shrimp allergy" when you order.
  • Gluten - Tell us so we can substitute GF Tamari for Soy Sauce and alert you of anything you should avoid on our menu (for example, our eggrolls, the BBQ Pork and Yakisoba). If you are simply looking to minimize wheat/gluten in your diet, choose something besides the Yakisoba noodles.
    If you are allergic or celiac, please tell us "Allergy gluten free" or "Allergy celiac gluten free". We do not have a dedicated kitchen space to prepare meals for folks who are celiac, we just follow a special prep process to minimize cross contamination.
    Please check findmeglutenfree.com if you need additional dining options in Lake Chelan.
  • Elimination diets - tell us your constraints and that you are on an elimination diet so we can help you select appropriate ingredients from our menu.
  • No Starch - you can select the veggie only as a base, some folks eliminate baby corn and carrots from the mix, and optionally, add nuts or meat or anything else to your wok.
  • Corn - we use non-gmo corn starch in all our sauces except for the soy and garlic sauce (there is no cornstarch in the soy and garlic sauce and we are happy to do soy and ginger as an alternate if you don't care for garlic). Say "no baby corn" in the veggie mix when you order. We might have other items with corn as an ingredient so please check with us, if you are allergic or sensitive to corn.

The most important thing is to let us know when you place your order that you have an allergy (this will help us take special care when we prepare your meal with our prep dishes and other procedures to minimize cross contamination). If you have very severe allergies, please be aware that our kitchen contains gluten, peanuts, soy etc. and may not be safe for you.

If you are doing your research ahead of time, please don't hestitate to contact us by email or phone (509-682-1555) to discuss any special dietary needs or allergies. If you happen to catch us during a rush, we will set up a time to call you back.

Where can I park and is your facility wheelchair accessible? (Yes)

We are located inside a remodeled old house. There's street parking in front and a half dozen parking spaces in our gravel parking lot behind our building (please enter through the alley that runs parallel to East Woodin Avenue). We have one reserved disabled parking spot behind our building. When you face the building from the back parking lot the left side of the building is a slope without any steps, the right side does have a set of stairs. Once you are in the front of the building, there are no steps to enter our building and our restroom is wheelchair accessible.

Do you have a place where I can secure my bicycle? (Yes)

If you have a bicycle lock, we have metal railings you can use to secure your bicycle.

Do you have a high chair? (Yes)

We have one high chair available.

If you have a question that isn't answered

Please don't hestitate to contact us by email or phone 509-682-1555. We look forward to being of service!

Are dogs welcome? (Pets welcome on our outdoor patio and service animals can be indoors)

Dogs are welcome on our outdoor patio. Health department regulations do no allow us to have pets indoors however, service animals are an exception. Guide dogs and other service animals are allowed indoors and outdoors.

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