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Frequently Asked Questions

If you have a question that isn't answered, please don't hesitate to contact us, 509-682-1555.

We look forward to being of service. 

Do you have gluten free or special diet options? Yes-

We accommodate folks with special dietary needs every day including wokked meals that are vegan, vegetarian, no noodles/rice (no starch), no added sugar, no added oil, no soy, GF (gluten free), no egg, no dairy, no peanut oil, no seafood etc.

ALLERGIES? The most important thing is to let us know when you place your order that you have an allergy (this will help us take special care when we prepare your meal with our prep dishes and other procedures to minimize cross contamination). If you have very severe allergies, please be aware that our kitchen contains gluten, peanuts, soy etc. and may not be safe for you. If you are doing your research ahead of time, please don't hesitate to contact us by phone (509-682-1555) to discuss any special dietary needs or allergies. If you happen to catch us during a rush, we will set up a time to call you back.

Are dogs welcome? Yes-

Dogs are welcome on our outdoor patio. Health department regulations do not allow us to have pets indoors. However, service animals are an exception. Guide dogs and other service animals are allowed indoors and outdoors.

Do you accept Credit Cards? Yes-

In addition to cash we accept all major Credit Cards.

Where can I park and is your business wheelchair accessible?

We are located inside a remodeled old house. There's street parking in front and a half dozen parking spaces in our gravel parking lot behind our building (please enter through the alley that runs parallel to East Woodin Avenue). We have one reserved disabled parking spot behind our building. When you face the building from the back parking lot the left side of the building is a slope without any steps, the right side does have a set of stairs. Once you are in the front of the building, there are no steps to enter our building and our restroom is wheelchair accessible.

Do you have a highchair? Yes-

We have one high chair available.

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