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Build your own custom stirfry or customize one of our popular woks

  • Select a noodle, rice or veggie as the base for your wok and then pick out one or more of our sauces.
    All our sauces are made by us; they are suitable for vegans and can be gluten free on request.


  • Tell us how spicy you'd like your meal to be (1 to 5 star, 5 is spicy and 1 is no spice added).

  • Decide whether you'd like us to leave out any of the included veggies or egg.
    If you request no mushrooms, for example, we will still include the same weight in veggies just without mushrooms. If you decide you don't want any veggies, we'll add extra noodles or rice instead.


  • The base comes in two sizes—Small & Large—and it is your decision and choice whether to add some, many or no extras. We offer a selection of meats, vegan, vegetarian, gluten-free and special-diet options.

  • Your cost is the cost of the base plus any extras that you add.  Our food is served in boxes.

    Quick Wok is special-diet friendly. Our FAQ page has ordering tips.

October 2020 update: We look forward to offering local organically-grown options during the growing season from our garden and from two of our beloved local organic farmer friends.

over 100,000 woks
served since 2014
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