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2020 Season


We hosted a lunchtime conversation about including more plant-based foods in our diets on Sunday April 28, 2019 at Quick Wok through Chelan's annual mind-body-spirit wellness festival Unwind + Explore.



We look forward to offering veggies from our garden and sharing the generosity of two of our beloved local organic farmer friends again during the 2020 growing season.



Some of the summer seasonal veggies we serve are grown organically by us and two of our local farmer friends


Summer Slushies 

October 2019 - With the cold weather here, we have retired our Slushies for 2019 and look forward to offering them again in 2020.

We add a little cherry syrup (made from organically-grown Cherries from our garden) to organic lemon juice, organic sugar, filtered water and a few grains of  Himalayan pink salt to create our
pink cherry lemonade.

We first discovered Blue Lotus Chai products locally at Bear Foods Market.
Our spicy
 NON-DAIRY Masala chai is prepared with Blue Lotus Chai, a wonderful blend of black tea with organic aromatic spices—cardamom, cinnamon, nutmeg, cloves, ginger and black pepper. No creamer (dairy or non-dairy) added—just filtered water, black tea with organic spices and organic sugar. 

-Thai Iced Tea-
Organic Numi Tea
Organic Dairy Creamer (plant-based available)
over 100,000 woks
served since 2014
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